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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Begotten in Love

"For there is nothing absurd in saying that a person has begotten not after the flesh. It maybe, but in love, one whom he has adopted as a son. These of us, to with, to whom God has given the power to become His sons. He did not beget of His own nature and substance as was in the case with His only Son, but He did indeed adopt us in His love."

These are the words of Saint Augustine in his book The Harmony of the Gospel which affirmed the work of God in our lives through our son, Michael Augustine.

After giving birth to our first child, my husband and I desired to have more children. With all the pregnancy difficulties I experienced, Shane claimed Psalm 128:3 "Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine, within your house; your children like olive plants around your table". Three years had past, our dream of conceiving again was forgotten. Then the Lord opened the door for us to come back to the Philippines and be establish a mission church.

Year 2005, life had been a struggle for me.  Many times, I had these misgivings whether we were meant to live in the Philippines or England.  I had serious discussions with my husband, trying to close my ears to the voice of the Holy Spirit, I was stubborn.  I prayed that God would somehow show me some way, somehow, a tangible and vvisible assurance that this was the right place for us.

In the middle of uncertainties, God gave a dream during our wedding anniversary, I saw myself holding my second child- a son! He had a round face face with a frail body. I woke up with so much excitement that I immediately told my husband a a close friend in the church about the dream.

The following week, a good friend of mine had a severe stroke and was in coma.  I got so distressed. I was afraid to loose her.  I visited her in the ICU, then had ahard time sleeping the next day. It seemed my whole body was aching.  I was groaning in sleep, it was like a labor pain. The next day we decided to go back to the hospital and right there, we received a very important call. A mother decided to give up a child for an adoption and we were chosen to have the child since we had previously that we were praying for one.

Shane and I got very excited. We went straight to Macro ( a Costco/Sam's type of store in the Philippines) and shopped all the necessary things a newly-born baby would need. I suddenly forgot all the pains and loneliness.

At 11:45 that very same day, our son arrived.   As the Social Worker handed hom to me, I was reminded of my dream, he was the little boy I was holding. I could not hold my tears.  God was telling me, "Here it is, a very visible and tangible assurance".  God gave him to us in a perfect time not only to assure us of our calling to the Philippines , but also to fulfill His promise in Psalm 128 which we claimed and prayed before.

After four days, my friend went home to Jesus. I was not afraid anymore.  God took all my pain and fears with the arrival of our new son. He entrusted us a new life.

Now our son is growing fast. Everyday he brings us much joy. His life is being used nby God to to give me life full of hope in joy.

We love him dearly like our other children (after our son, I got pregnant again , not only once but twice! God blessed us with another two beautiful girls!) I always tell our family and friends, there is no difference...my heart beat is the same when it comes to my children.

 Saint Augustine is right in saying "There is nothing absurd
 in saying that a person is begotten not after flesh, but in love."  After all, we are all adopted in His love.

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