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Saturday, March 26, 2011

"The Sweetest Place on Earth"

Staying in Hershey, Pennsylvania was like a Willy Wonka kind-a tour of my life. I was greatly fascinated with the main attraction of this small town- The Hershey's Chocolate Factory. The tour begins in a tropical rain forest where cocoa beans grow and are harvested. then follow their journey across the ocean to America, their delivery to Hershey, and the transformation from bean to milk chocolate and ends free chocolate samples!

This world of Chocolate also features a stunning enhanced 3D HD animated musical adventure, Tasting Adventures, Chocolate Work Machine, Photo Bar, Create Your Own Candy Bar, Dessert Creation Studio and a shopping center for World's Largest Selection of Hershey's Products!  Yum! Yum yum! To all chocolate fanatics and addicts. you should visit this town before you die. It will not fail you , I assured.

 Great appreciation to the founder and countless employees of this Factory. It all started from the great vision of Milton Hershey, a man who once a bankrupt  chosen to persevere and turned his small company into a multi -billion fortune, making the town of Hershey famous all throughout the world. "One is only happy in proportion as he makes others feel happy" is the the motto of this man. He transformed chocolate from a luxury to an everyday treat, making people all around the globe enjoy and be happy as they taste Hershey's products. He established his town and a rich- close knit community was formed. In his memoir, Mr Hershey did give away his fortune not only once but twice to build schools, parks, museums and charities to help the less fortunate. His imagination to make a better world came into realization through his unwavering faith,  hard work and generous and compassionate heart.

Ahhh, such an inspiration, made my heart so merry! Now, every time I eat  chocolate I will always remember this experience and never forget the testimony of Mr Hershey. I will mark it down and pray that somehow in my own little way I can make a difference in this world.

"Enlarge my vision Lord, make me an instrument of change to this darkened world. Let me imitate Jesus' actions through my service to my family, church, friends and community."

Oh by the way, the tour is free!


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